Are you in Oahu and thinking of adding a swimming pool to your property, then you will need to know the top pool designers on the island and its environment? After all, the pool contractor can be the difference between a quality job and a terrible one. Finding a pool contractor might be relatively easy, but finding and choosing an excellent one can be difficult. However, we have helped you to simplify the search by listing some of the best. Of course, there are others. But try these first.

Gemini Pool and Spa:

This is one of the oldest spa and pool contractors in Hawaii. It is also the largest retail company and contractor in the state. Established in 1985, this family-owned company helps commercial and residential homeowners to construct all kinds of the pool. They are particular about reducing the cost when building your pool and ensuring that you get quality to avoid the high cost of repairing your pool. The company can help you to construct all kinds of pools and spas, even custom ones that will fit right into your style and budget. They also provide maintenance services for pools and spas. Working with them means you will be benefiting from thirty-five years of expertise and experience. Gemini Pool and Spa also runs a retail store where you can get all the products, chemicals, and accessories you may need for your pool.


This company specializes in constructing natural swimming pools using aquatic plants and gravel stones. If you are looking for a natural pool instead of one that uses mechanical filtration systems and chemicals, Eco-Mana is the company to call. A natural swimming pool is an energy-efficient and low maintenance. The company also partners with Biotop, one of the leading manufacturers of the world’s natural swimming pool. Apart from natural pools, they also construct living pools, premanufactured living, and natural pools and help clients convert standard pools to natural ones.

Swan Builders International:

This pool company has been in existence since 1983. They are experts in constructing different types of swimming pools. If you are looking to get wowed with your swimming pool construction, this is the company to work with. They construct everything from natural-looking pools to island style swimming pools. Their swimming pools are not just about swimming; they are pools built to improve your landscape using shotcrete, stone works, and water features to improve your landscape.

A’e Loa Pool Service and Repair:

This company specializes in repairing and maintaining swimming pools. It is an insured and certified company that offers only quality services. If you are finding it difficult to keep your pool in shape, this is the company to call for help. They provide full-service cleaning and repairs of your pool. Their services include pool liner replacements, pool lighting installations, tile replacements, salt system installations, motor repairs, sand change, pool supplies delivery, etc. They also train homeowners in pool maintenance so you can keep your pool clean and well cared for all the time. The company is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau.


Whatever pool services you’re looking for, whether it is pool construction, repairs, maintenance, or supplies of pool accessories and equipment, you’ll find top pool companies that provide the service at a reasonable cost.

A swimming pool is one of the features you can add to complement your home. It is functional and serves aesthetic purposes as well. Having a swimming pool in your home means you have the perfect outdoor space to have fun with family and friends, a place where your kids can also enjoy themselves. A swimming pool can come in different forms, but the most popular are above ground pool and in-ground pool. An above-ground pool is constructed so the depth of the pool is at normal ground level while the in-ground pool is built below ground level, which means the land has to be excavated before it can be built. An above-ground pool is usually constructed in areas where it is impossible or will cost much more money to build an in-ground pool. In such instances, the pool is generally built with a deck that makes it easy to access. 

If you are thinking of building a pool, you have to consider the material you will use. This is because the material will most likely determine the cost, durability, and even your pool’s design options. There are three major materials for building pools; we discuss them below.


This material, which can also come as gunite, is one of the prime materials for building pools. In fact, it is the most used swimming pool building material and can be used both for building residential and commercial pools. Concrete pools are built using a concrete base that is finished with plaster or any other finishing agent like pebble aggregate. The popularity of this material is due to the many factors such as the fact that you can use it to build any pool of your taste in terms of shape, size, style, etc. It is the material you need if your plan is to build a unique pool. Coupled with this is the fact that the material is also durable and can last for years with proper maintenance. However, it is quite expensive to build, and maintenance is also tasking and expensive. Find your concrete pros at


A fiberglass pool is constructed as a one-piece factory manufactured shell that only has to be installed in the location. This pool is not as costly as concrete and equally durable. Unlike the concrete pool, it is easier to maintain this type of pool because it is not porous. Added to this is the fact that it can be installed within a short period. However, the fact that it is factory constructed means it is limited in size and design options.


This is the cheapest material for building pools. Vinyl pools are built with vinyl liners as easily affordable, especially when compared with the other materials. However, maintenance is expensive, and it is not durable.


The material you go for these three will depend heavily on your budget and plans. For a commercial pool, concrete is the best option, and even though fiberglass might look like a great option in residential pools, if you are living as a tenant, vinyl is a better option.